Why Note Investing?

Here are a few reasons why many savvy investors turn to Note Investing, and why you might wish to consider it:4

  • You’ve grown tired of the stock market’s poor, erratic, and, let’s face it, sometimes scandalous performance.
  • You desire greater diversity in your investment portfolio
  • You know that real estate is a great place to invest, but are not interested in becoming a landlord!
  • You recognize how much money the banks made, and want to get in on it, too!



Learn how you can generate monthly passive income through real estate secured investments by essentially making money just like typical banks do!  Our number one goal is to help families stay in their homes, or if they wish to move on or they cannot afford to stay, we help make that process go as smoothly as possible.

We also help families move into homes when traditional bank financing is not available to them.  In the process Evergreen Advisors makes a great return for ourselves and our carefully selected investors.  Our partners and investors include doctors, lawyers, engineers, and countless other professionals who want their money to work hard for them.

Note Buying and Private Lending are some of the safest and lowest risk investment vehicles available in today’s ever-changing economy.

Note Buying and Private Lending are safer investment vehicles than what you’ll likely find on Wall Street.  Evergreen Advisors has assembled the right team of skillful and knowledgeable attorneys, brokers, title companies, and escrow companies to help us generate wealth by achieving consistent high returns on your money.

Evergreen Advisors has devoted a substantial amount of time and energy building an experienced world-class team of people around us to help accomplish this goal – so you don’t have to.  While every investment has risks, several key points contribute to the safety of Note Investing with Evergreen Advisors:  5

  • Conservative investing with LOW Loan-to-Value (LTV)
  • Loans are backed by SECURITY (namely real estate, the property itself)
  • In the event, that property needs to be taken back, foreclosure is just a phone call away. We work with some of the best loan servicing companies in the business, and Evergreen Advisors has the RIGHT TEAM of attorneys, brokers, and escrow services should they be needed.
  • The inherent TRANSPARENT nature of the business — Anyone can check the County Recorder’s Office web site to see the recorded Deed of Trust.