If you’re looking for ways to generate truly passive income (and potentially defer capital gains), investing in notes secured by real estate might be the solution you’re seeking.  At Evergreen Success, we have years of experience in buying, selling and creating mortgage notes, and we can help you navigate this alternative investment option.

Performing notes can provide a steady stream of passive income, similar to receiving interest payments from a bank.  In fact, when you own a note, you essentially become the bank!  These notes can be secured by real estate and provide a great opportunity for self-directed retirement accounts, or simply to fund your lifestyle. At Evergreen Success, we can help you identify performing notes that align with your investment goals.  Or we can help you turn that rental property into a truly passive cashflow machine.

Many investors prefer the benefits of owning real estate; however, they often prefer to avoid the associated hassles of being a landlord.   If that is your situation, we can structure deals where you can reap the benefits of rental real estate, without the typical tenants, toilets, and trash.

Buying non-performing notes is another investment avenue that can provide higher returns, albeit with more risk. These notes are secured by real estate, but the borrower is behind on payments, has stopped paying altogether, or has delinquent taxes. While non-performing notes may not provide immediate cash flow, and potentially involve greater risk, they can be a tremendous investment opportunity for the patient investor.

At Evergreen Success, we also buy notes. If you have a single note or a pool of notes, we would love to talk with you and provide a quote.  If you’re interested in selling a note, please contact us.

Investing in and holding notes secured by real estate can be a great way to generate passive income or potentially defer capital gains. If you’re interested in exploring this investment option, please don’t hesitate to CONTACT US. Our team at Evergreen Success can provide the guidance and expertise you need to make informed investment decisions.