Selling your property with terms can be a great option for those looking to generate a stream of no-hassle cash flow secured by real estate. When you sell with terms, you essentially become the lender, providing financing and collecting regular payments over time.

While traditional cash buyers may offer a quick sale, they typically offer significantly less than the property’s market value.   When you are working with most wholesalers, flippers, and investors, you usually agree to sell for a lot less, in exchange for a quick sale.  At Evergreen Success, we take a different approach. By purchasing properties with terms, we can offer a higher price than a typical cash buyer while also providing you with the benefits of long-term hassle-free cash flow.  And we can still close quickly.

At Evergreen Success Group, we specialize in purchasing properties with terms, enabling us to offer you a fair market price for your property while providing you with the opportunity to collect regular payments over time. This can be a great option for passive investors looking to generate a reliable stream of income without the headaches of being a landlord. You won’t have to deal with maintenance or repairs, tenant issues, or vacancies. Instead, you can sit back and collect your payments each month, all while knowing that your investment is secured by real estate.

In addition to no hassle cash flow, selling with terms can also benefit those looking to defer capital gains taxes (consult your CPA or tax professional), and can eliminate many of the inconveniences and uncertainties of listing and selling a property traditionally.  We can offer full market price without the hassles and delays of listing on the MLS, providing a stress-free transaction that can benefit both the buyer and the seller.

Our team of experienced professionals can help guide you through the process of selling with terms and ensure a smooth and successful transaction. We can work with you to create a customized financing plan that meets your needs – our goal is to always create a win-win solution.

If you’re interested in exploring options for selling your property, and generating a stream of no-hassle cash flow secured by real estate, please CONTACT US before you list with an agent.  When you complete the form, be sure to include the property address in the Comments or Questions section so we can do some research before we get back with you.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have and provide you with a no-obligation quote.  Trust Evergreen Success Group to help you achieve your real estate goals.