Evergreen Note Funding Group is a nationwide buyer of notes, mortgages and trust deeds secured by residential properties, commercial real estate and land.

Private Mortgage Notes (aka Owner Carry-Back Mortgages or Seller Financed Notes) are mortgage-backed promissory notes that are created when of a seller of a property provides some degree of financing to the new buyer at the time of closing.

If you have sold a property and taken back a mortgage or trust deed, we can buy the note from you.  As the owner of a private mortgage note you may be able to…

  • receive a lump sum of cash for a sale of your note1
  • sell a portion of your monthly payment
  • sell a specified number of monthly payments
  • sell all or part of your balloon payment (if applicable)
  • do any combination of the above

Seller Financing

If you are considering offering financing on a property you own, we can also help you set it up property.  We can handle all of the paperwork, and advise you on how to structure the note to provide you with the greatest degree of protection and marketability.


Please visit our website  for more information on creating or selling Private Mortgage Notes or to get a quote for your Note or Portfolio.

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