Did you know that you can invest in a note, secured by real estate, and receive monthly passive income, just like a bank? Many people are shocked to learn this, but at Evergreen Advisors we have been buying and selling mortgage notes for years. Performing notes provide great cash flow, and are perfect for a self directed IRA investment. However, many people (such as ourselves) enjoy supplementing their income or just living off the cash flow they produce.

Another avenue of note investing is with non-performing notes. Non performing notes, while still secured by real estate, are somehow distressed. While they carry more risk than performing notes, the returns can be significantly higher. The borrower may be behind in payments, or has stopped paying the mortgage altogether, or perhaps has delinquent taxes. While non-performing notes do not provide immediate cash flow, they can still be a tremendous investment opportunity down the road.

We also BUY NOTES! If you have a single note, or a pool of notes, we’d love to talk with you and give you a quote. For more information on notes, please visit our other website Evergreen Note Buyer If you would like to talk with us about selling a note, please  Contact Us.