Are you looking for better returns on your money?  Tired of the roller coaster called Wall Street?  Fed up with “Certificates of Disappointment”?  Perhaps you recognize the opportunity in real estate, but don’t want to get stuck with tenants and toilets, or spend your weekends learning at real estate seminars?  If that sounds like you, perhaps it’s time you looked at Note Investing.

When you invest in a Note, you become the bank, and you make money like the bank.  We buy performing notes (notes with a good pay history) as well as distressed mortgage notes directly from the banks and hedge funds.  We then collect the monthly payments, or we work with the borrower to get back on track, and rehabilitate the loan.  Once the loan is reperforming, we either sell the note to another investor, or keep it for cash flow in our own portfolio.

We also finance real estate investors, such as those who buy distressed real estate from the banks and flip them.  Trust Deed investing is primarily asset based, which means the money is lent on either a percentage of the sales price or on the rehabbed value of the property, and secured with a Deed of Trust.  This type of investing is relatively secure, compared to many other types of investing, because of the underlying property value.